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I’m getting engaged!!!!!*

*maybe, or potentially in the next eight to 10 years, when Phil *ahem* asks me. Let me explain… Over the weekend I received an email from my dad saying he and my stepmum have planned a trip to London in September! Excitement! It will be so lovely to have them here and show them around and take them to our favourite spots. However it was the second paragraph of the email that caught my eye, where my dad stated he would like us to go up to Chorley to meet all of Phil’s family. I immediately cornered Phil: DID YOU CONTACT MY DAD AND ASK FOR MY HAND?! Phil: *look of shock: like I just told him I bought us a pet pig off Amazon* What?! Me: My dad is coming to London and has requested we take them to meet all of your family! Phil: Good God, woman. Don’t get your hopes up. My hopes are high, buddy. I think he’s just brushing it off because my dad blew the surprise. But I need …

The flat pack furniture relationship test

Flat pack furniture has long been considered DIY hell. It’s a seriously good relationship test. Phil and I decided it was a splendid idea to test ourselves with such a feat… We popped by Argos and picked ourselves up two white bookshelves and a white coat/hat stand for our hallway. One (and possibly the only) downside of moving into our own place was the reduction in wardrobe space. As in, we now have to SHARE. Tantrums were had, clothes were thrown, but we have managed to squeeze our two large amounts of clothing into one medium-large wardrobe. With plenty of winter coats, and all my hats (that I never wear, but will not throw out in case I need them one day) that wouldn’t fit in the wardrobe, we needed to find them a home. I started on the coat/hat stand while Phil popped to the store to pick up our reward beers. I managed to do the first two steps quickly and simply, even using a screwdriver. Then Phil got home and got in the …

Travel planning

I’m a planner. I fucking love it. I blame my job. I draw up spreadsheets of costs, days, nights being stayed, and what we will see and do. The lot. I love being organised. I love lists. Scraping your pen across something you’ve just completed is a huge accomplishment in my world. Even if the item stated “drink water”. Small wins.

I’m the King of the world!

In the last few days I have felt like Leo aboard that giant steamer – full of spunk and excitement. This is the gym’s fault. I know Phil is probably sick of listening when I tell him about every minute and every stretch of my workout and how my muscles are aching and how good I feel. One thing he’s not sick of; our sex life. HELLO! That has definitely stepped up a notch since I got all energised and loving of exercise. I feel like I’m 20-odd again and full of vitality! Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Pillow talk at bedtime

Last night tucked up in bed, Phil tells me he’s been looking at tickets for the Royal Marines Band performing at the Royal Albert Hall and that we should go AGAIN. He loves these guys – the drummers. No idea what his fascination with them is – but they’re his thing. We’ve been twice, that’s enough for me – they’re no Adele. Then he insulted my nether regions…