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A bunch of books I’ve read recently

I have got well into the swing of my 2017 reading list. I am knocking them back like a 17 year old with countless jaeger bombs on Spring Break. Let me break these down for you, see what takes your fancy – so you can be prepared for your upcoming summer holiday and not be disappointed when the only book you packed is a complete bore. A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams Read. Definitely a summer read (it’s in the bloody title!). A somewhat nostalgic read (even if, like me, you didn’t grow up in 1930’s America), but a book about first loves and the toughness of your teenage, early adulthood years. Socialites from New York retreating to the sandy shores of Rhode Island. It may sound like a light, flitting read – but it does go deeper, and shows the true colour of friendships you thought would always be cherished. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty We have all heard about the new HBO mini series starring and produced by Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman – I’ve not seen this …

Book Review: The Vacationers

This was a very easy read; the Post family head on holiday to Mallorca, escaping their dismal lives, full of lies in Manhattan. Of course, all the cans of worms open and chaos ensues. None of the characters grabbed me, nor were they colourful enough for me. A little predictable, but an easy, enjoyable read nonetheless. Perfect for a holiday or aeroplane novel!

DIY Christmas advent calendar for grown men

As an adult there are not many surprises left when it comes to gifts. So this year in a bid to get my other half something personal and romantic (proper mushy), I am surprising him with a homemade advent calendar. One of my good friends was browsing in Tiger when she spotted the DIY advent calendar and asked me if I wanted her to pick one up. I quickly jumped at the idea as whilst my other half is a full grown man, he has in recent weeks shown interest in the advent calendars at the supermarket that are aimed at younger generations. I have decided to fill the 24 shutters with a note per day to say the many reasons why I love him (the mushy bit) and pair it with a small gift, chocolate treat or sexy coupon. For example; I love the way you say “sponge”. The best bit is that we fly to Prague early in the morning on December 1st so I will wake him up with his calendar surprise making it all the more exciting …