So, shit has changed course in the Phonnie* house…

March 10, 2017

*I’m trying out a Phil-Bronnie celeb-moniker much to Phil’s distaste. But, it really doesn’t have a ring to it.

We have just gone and signed a 12 month lease on a flat of our own in the newly sought after, yuppie-village of Balham, south London. We are both over the moon and full of excitement to have our own space in this up and coming spot filled with restaurants, Farmer’s Markets and cafes.

Originally we had planned to make a move later this year back to New Zealand – I think a lot of the reason was down to the fact we were sick of our housemates and they’re non-stop partying and stupid antics. But in reality as soon as we made the decision to move, we instantly felt in a better place. We will end up back in New Zealand, it just will be slightly delayed now. I’ve not had the courage to tell my Mum yet, I think she may lose the plot.

It’s been a very quick turn around with this new place – we viewed it on Saturday 4th (after being kept up until 2.30am, followed by a heated argument with drunk housemates) and made an offer the same day. We’ve now got everything signed and paid and are due to move in on the 18th. I’m just so excited we will get to see and experience London from a new place. A place of our own. Oh the serenity!

Thankfully this does not hinder our North America plans – after speaking with my manager he has agreed to let me have 3 weeks leave to travel. So Phil and I discussed we’d restrict our trip to the west coast + Canada + Mexico for a 3 week adventure, and do the east coast next time. More on this to come shortly.

Right now it’s all about packing, de-cluttering and then making the new flat a home. A trip to IKEA is on the cards, and I am so FUCKING EXCITED. #meatballs



  • Reply Jasmin Charlotte March 11, 2017 at 8:25 PM

    Woo how exciting! NZ will always be there when you want to go back – thats how I see it! I’m South West too and there are a lot of fab foodie spots in Balham!

  • Reply Tara March 19, 2017 at 8:27 PM

    When do we get to see photographs of the inside??? EVERYTHING else can wait til later – having your own space is going to be fecking amazing X

  • Reply Back in the zone... watching Great British Menu - Hello, Thirties! May 11, 2017 at 9:34 PM

    […] of February, I very quickly slid down the slide of doom back into old habits. I used the excuse of moving house and subsequently cancelling my gym membership for just over six […]

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