Nothing says ‘commitment’ better than buying Apple products together

November 24, 2016

The man: I don’t know why I don’t just use his name, most of you know who he is anyway, let’s just call him “P” from now on, he’s shy. So P and I have decided it’s time we upgrade our clunky, archaic laptops (I’ve had mine since I was 24!) for a brand new shiny one. I’m a Mac lover, him PC. That is, until I gave him my hand-me-down iPhone 4s when I upgraded to an iPhone 5s. Now he won’t shut up about it. Thanks to this lovely gesture I bestowed on him he is now fully on board with the idea of an Apple laptop – specifically a MacBook Air. Now, I have always had my own laptop, but we have discussed that perhaps we don’t need to buy one each, and could share. This makes me anxious. Not because I’m planning to stream porn and not tell him about it and forget to clear my history or because he’s going to see anything I don’t want him to. He knows and sees everything, or I’d just use the incognito tab – that’s what it’s for, right? It’s just the principle. And the fact I’m greedy and like all my own things and would prefer not to share. But he’s 150% rational about money and buying expensive, pretty things. So the fact I have an iPhone, iPad and Kindle is apparently enough technology and I do not need my own laptop. I mean, he’s right. It’s just probably the most expensive item we have ever bought TOGETHER. Commitment, y’all. If anything should happen to this relationship, I’m going to turn all six year old Bronnie and write my name all over that MacBook with a permanent marker.

We thought we’d take the opportunity for a good price brought on by Black Friday this week, especially as Apple have announced they too (for the first time EVER) will include their products in a sale. We’ve eyed up a couple of deals already on other sites for our extravagant purchase, but are hoping that Apple will pull out all the stops at the last minute.

nespressoNow it’s just a waiting game, I’ll be ready at my desk at work tomorrow morning geared to purchase. I haven’t told P yet, but because we’re only buying one MacBook that leaves money to buy myself a Nespresso machine. I say myself, because he doesn’t drink coffee. I think that’s a fair deal seeing as we have such huge saving from sharing a laptop. Perhaps I could tell him the Nespresso came free with the laptop? Sounds legit to me.




  • Reply Tara November 25, 2016 at 12:32 AM

    Sounds more than legit to me too!
    You won’t regret the Nespresso machine … its even impossible for non coffee drinkers to muck up so they have no excuse for not bringing us our weekend cup in bed X

  • Reply New housemate – Hello, Thirties! November 30, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    […] P and I have lived in the same place in beautiful Greenwich for four years now. We’ve been relatively lucky with new housemates – except for that time the 56 year old man moved in. Oh, and that time that the Australian guy moved in who apparently lost the skill of speaking after week one and proceeded to just grunt at us all, and piss all over the bathroom. ALL OVER. He was 26ish, and still hadn’t managed the art of not peeing on the toilet seat or FLOOR. So apart from those two nut jobs we have been fairly lucky. The problem is that our property managers meet and greet all potential new housemates – not us. We don’t get the final say. Of course we tell them when we’re not impressed or point them in the direction of what we’re looking for. But they never seem to take this on board (hello, 50+ man in a house of 20-somethings), they just want the money. I can’t blame them completely because that age old saying is true; you never really know someone until you’re living with them. From day dot when I moved in, I was in charge – even though I was brand new. Someone needed to bring them up to speed with what was acceptable and what was not. No leaving dirty dishes overnight, thankyouverymuch. […]

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